2018 Canadian National Championship Series

There are three (3) National qualifying weekends in the 2018 Canadian Championship Series. These qualifiers earn points for two things:
1) National Series Champion (male and female)
2) Qualification for Spartan World Championships

ELITES – World Qualifying Races

Three races are qualifying races for World Championship Elite Heat – Top 10 female, Top 10 Male.

Rocky Mountain Trifecta in Kimberly, BC – Beast
Ottawa Race Weekend in Calabogie, ON – Super
Quebec Race Weekend in Stoneham, QC – Sprint

ELITES – National Series Champion Criteria

The three races also earn points towards the title of National Series Champion – 1 Woman and 1 Man. Athletes
competing for the Series Championship must compete in at least two out of the three events. Points will be
tallied at the end of the season.

National Series Champion Points (elite) will be awarded as such:
1st place – 30 points
2nd place – 29 points
3rd place – 28 points
4th place – 27 points
5th place – 26 points
6th place – 25 points
7rd place – 24 points
8nd place – 23 points
9th place – 22 points
10th place – 21 points
11th place – 20 points
12th place – 19 points
13th place – 18 points
14th place – 17 points
15th place – 16 points
And so on…

AGE GROUP RACES – World Qualifying Races

The following races count as qualifiers for Worlds:

Rocky Mountain Trifecta, Kimberly, BC – Beast, Super, Sprint
Ottawa Race Weekend in Calabogie, ON – Super, Sprint
Quebec Race Weekend in Stoneham, QC – Sprint, Beast

Every race at each event can qualify you for the age group World Championships. The are NO roll down spots
and any races. There is NO age group National Series Champion.