Join the Revolution

Join the Revolution

Race Details:

Date: 12th March 2017

Race category: Spartan Sprint
Distance: 6+km
Venue: Greater Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Obstacles: All Spartan courses are designed to challenge you physically. We can’t spell out what exactly you will face, what fun would that be. However, we can assure there will be fire, mud, water, barbed wire, and occasionally Hell on Earth. Spartan Race is designed to pull you from your comfort zone and challenge you. Check out some of our more common obstacles here.

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We break down the fundamentals needed to be successful at each of our Signature Spartan Obstacles. We can’t do the obstacles for you, but we are happy to show you the way through them.
Just follow our lead and keep going!


So you’re interested in running a Reebok Spartan Race. Let’s get you acquainted with the Spartan race types:

There are three main types of Spartan Races. For beginners we recommend the Sprint. Spartan’s shortest courses are 5km+ and 20+ obstacles. Complete the race at your own pace. If you fail an obstacle along the way, you owe us 30 burpees before continuing on. Ready for more? The Super is 13km+, 25+ obstacles, and often hosted on a tougher terrain. The hardest of the three races is the Beast: 20km+ and 30+ obstacles. We’ll leave the challenges of the course to your imagination. For kids under 14, we offer junior races. These races, 1.5km in distance, have an emphasis on teamwork, fun and getting muddy.

Spartan Sprint

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Spartan Super

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Spartan Beast

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Spartan Trifecta

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